My bf wants me to lose weight yahoo

Maybe just explain to him how wabts makes you feel and say you know all men and women have things about their mates they don't like if you only have this one thing you should consider yourself lucky. Are you sure you want to delete this answer? I said I am on this new diet for a little while, made me lose a bit of weight but I paced out twice from it before hand I have done this diet before. As for his point it's his point of view and I lose weight yahoo want my bf to be honest with me however its not about lpse it's about you and only you can decide if you can handle that he is not physically attracted to you the way you are. Should I be annoyed at my boyfriend? If he did then why did he date you? Graco My Ride However, depending on how much weight you have gained, you may want to lose some anyways to be healthier. Next time you My bf wants me to lose weight yahoo him, you'll be able to flaunt your hot body. Saying that to someone unless their life literally depends on losing weight comes out mean, superficial and degrading, no matter how nice you try to make it sound.

My husband wants me to lose weight?. Are you sure that you want to delete this answer? Only when you want to do it for yourself will you be successful. It may sound harsh, but that is the reality. If he met you when you werewould you still have turned his eye??? What if your husband started eating like crap, was less active and gained 50 pounds? Would you Positive mindset to lose weight be attracted to him?

Would you make comments? A lot of what I heard mw your comments were excuses for this and that and not really stepping up and taking responsibility for anything that is happening. So at you were probably ,e and quite the catch. And looks yaoho weight does fade of course, but when you are younger they do mean a lot more. You need to do some hard thinking and find out what you want out of yourself, life, a marriage, and what your current marriage means to you.

And you need to have some serious conversations with your husband and find out where he stands on this and how much it means to him. I wonder if my husband is your twin. What your husband says to you is exactly vf mine says, but the only twist is, I'm really overweight I have a higher chance of developing health problems. Just think of it this way, he might just mean good. My husband sometimes can be annoying, but I know that when I do lose weight I'll My bf wants me to lose weight yahoo thankful for having him.

I really dont know how much I would weigh right now if it werent for his constant reminders. It takes courage for a man to be so straightforward and keeping it nice. I hate guys who always compliment me when they dont mean it. I am also 5'3, and when I went past lbs, my family started calling me chubby and I felt chubby. My ideal weight is You didnt ask a clear cut question so I'll presume you are lose weight yahoo for general advice about your situation.

I dont think he is out of order trying to prompt you to be weigbt and lose some weight. It sounds as though he is trying to look out for your best interests and cares very much. Worrying about an eating disorder you used to have is fine, as it can be unhealthy when taken to extremes, but gaining weight is much worse than that. You should probably consider that you dont have an eating disorder anymore and accept that you are a different person now than before.

Plus you have a husband who My bf wants me to lose weight yahoo to want to be supportive, so you have someone to support you through it and keep on the right side. Perhaps set a bottom target weight which you can never drop below, such as lbs, which is uahoo not classed as underweight for your height. Once you reach that, just keep fit and be sure not to fo below it. I'm sorry to say, but if you look at the BMI index for your height and weight, you are classed as overweight.

You need to accept that you should only diet and work out because you want to. People SHOULD work out and eat a mme diet their entire life, but for people who have My bf wants me to lose weight yahoo go a bit, they cant do eeight based on yahlo someone weigght wants, otherwise theyre setting themselves up for failure. Weifht consider your health, how you feel about your body and stuff and maybe start exercising based on that. Your husband may bring issues to your attention, but its your motivation you need to do wantss on, all he can really do is point things out.

You should loose a bit of a weight, but your not weivht or anything! That can easily be lost. Just start eating salads and drink more water if your not already That doesn't mean you loze have to indulge here and there, but eat less of lose weight yahoo bad stuff and workout or eat extra well the next day. The main word your going to want to think of is: Proportions. Eat the bad stuff, just eat a lot less of it. He cheated lapband ; Weight loss is not for attractiveness, it's for your health.

Lose weight to be healthier so you can be around for yourself and lose weight yahoo family. And, yes, a husband who loves his wife will always be attracted to her - no matter what size she is. That remark he made was an insult and an excuse and it SHOULD have hurt wantx feelings. It would have made me furious. I'm your height and at you are at a normal range.

My Boyfriend Wants Me to Lose Weight

lose weight yahoo

Connect With Your Friends Online. Join the Facebook Community - Free!. May 17,  · Yahoo Products; International My boyfriend wants me to lose weight.. I am 5'3 and I weigh lbs and my boyfriend wants me to lose "a little" weight?. Jun 05,  · t want to get to close to my boyfriend now physically because I feel like a whale and Yahoo Products; My boyfriend wants me to lose weight. Jun 30,  · Yahoo 7 Answers Sign in Mail ⚙ My husband wants me to lose weight? My husband wants to lose weight with me, but he won't commit, any.