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Drinking water should help to manage your hunger feelings while on the 3 day diet. You may repeat this General motors diet plan day 1 as often as you. Day Seven Today your food intake will consist of brown rice, fruit juices and. Add more fiber to motorss diet. Remember to limit to 8 count It feels great to have banana milkshake but only one glass. There is no limit on the amount or type. It can be eaten any time. The 3 day diet is a low calorie diet, and you can pplan weight loss due to the sudden drop in calories. Most of us plaj developed an unhealthy eating habit of chewing and eating minimally and fast. Side effects that one may experience during the 7-day GM diet plan:.

The GM diet is a seven-day weight loss management plan that consists mainly of selected fruits and vegetables, and strict amounts of meat. It can be a difficult diet to follow especially since it relies mainly on foods that are high in fiber and less in protein, motros and carbohydrates. At the same time however, this diet plan can be used for fast-paced weight loss regimens, with up to 10 lbs. On the first day of the GM diet, followers are only allowed to eat fruits.

This is because on the first day of this diet plan, the body is subject to detoxification. Only fruits and water can be consumed. General motors diet plan day 1 who are planning to plaan the GM diet may consume starchy foods such as potatoes, oats and bananas the day before their targeted week, so that they would be packed with enough energy to last for the next morning.

They should also practice drinking lots of water, so that they will not be dehydrated in the succeeding days. Aside from preparing the body for the diet plan, physical activities should also be set into rather lighter tasks. Warm-up exercises should be performed before and during the diet, just to maintain regular metabolic processes and not feel the fatigue. Through exercise, the body system becomes resilient to the side effects of GM diet, and rather gives way for the detoxification and weight reduction results.

The first important meal of the day in a GM diet regimen is breakfast. Followers may observe a full breakfast consisting mainly of fruits such as melons and papaya together with glasses of water. These fruits easily make the General motors diet plan day 1 full, and at the same time the sweet tooth satisfied, thus craving General motors diet plan day 1 more tempting meals such as pizza and pasta can be avoided. Lunch may consist of watery fruits such as apples or watermelons.

Lunch time is observed at noon to in the afternoon. Consuming a bowl of apples or two cups of watermelons General motors diet plan day 1 already make the stomach full. Other fruits such as kiwi and mangoes can as well be served. During dinner, followers may return to melons, kiwi and oranges, as well as glasses of water. Melons can be heavy on the stomach; hence only a half-bowl serving should be consumed in order not to have a cramped stomach later at night.

While the main beverage motirs for the Day 1 of GM diet is water, followers may also turn to fresh orange juice and coconut water during midday snacks. Orange juice fills in the cravings for sweets, while coconut water keeps the stomach full the rest of the day. Midday meals still consist of fruits, but at varying kinds and servings, so followers can still maintain a good appetite during ddiet meal times.

Berries, oranges, and apple dices can be consumed during mid-mornings and afternoons. I weigh 60 kgs. I am getting married in 49 days and I want to lose at least 5 kgs! Into my milk and bananas day today and feeling quite light and quite bright. I have had no adverse side effects to date. I weighed kg prior to starting this plan but i think it is how you look and how your clothes fit that matters. I have tried this before many years ago with some good results of 7 pounds dropped in 1 week.

The version i am on is different on days 5 and 6, on day 5 i have the rice and tomatoes only, on day six i have the rice and vegatables only. I want to follow the diet to the minutest detail and ensure that Gendral comes in its way. Trust I have the determination and the positive energy to see it through…. After 1week of GM diet do i need to repeat this diet again on Generl week or i have to be on normal diet then from 3rd week i need to follow GM diet.

If I want to reduce more weights or continue the diet for weeksshould I go back to the first Generaal of diet after completing one week? I was kilo 2 months before and i reduce notors kilo in 3 months with slight excersie and avoiding rice in my daily food plan. I was not serious in the last two months. I have bet USD with my friend that i will reduce my weight upto kilo before 31 Jan The bet is Damm Serious now.

I Started GM Diet today. I had only fruits today with lots of water.

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The General Motors diet was originally created as a way for GM employees to lose weight quickly and efficiently. Rumor has it that GM officials collaborated with the. By Amy Greenwald. On the fourth day of your journey, Go Bananas! You’re more than half way through on this day. What is stopping you now? GM diet day 4 includes. Related Articles: GM Diet Day 3 Day 3, nearly half way through the GM Diet. Things should only get easier now. Day 1 of [ ] GM Diet Day 2 Like the first day of. Learn how the GM Diet Day 1 works. It's all about eating fruit and drinking water while losing 10 or more pounds in 7 days.