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Last year, in November, my best friend suffered from terrible hair loss and even got a small bald patch. Fearing it could be alopecia, I asked her to consult a dermatologist immediately, but she went on a full panic attack slash denial mode and refused to see any doctor. Instead, she bugged me for some remedies and routines that I was following. She Alyssa extreme weight loss skin removal surgery took my advice and saw the difference in just months and now the bald spot is not visible; new hair has grown and even the crazy hair fall has stopped.

The three magical things are — onion, garlic, and ginger — the holy trinity. These ingredients have stimulating properties which facilitate healthy hair growth and thereby treating bald spots, hair fall, thinning of hair and alopecia too. What they do is they increase blood circulation in the scalp. When blood flows to the scalp, it stimulates and rejuvenates the hair follicles thus nourishing and encouraging hair growth. Onion, garlic and ginger are all root veggies; therefore, they are loaded with loads of nutrients and fatty acids which boosts hair growth, nurtures and strengthens them from the root to the tip and give them a body.

Sulfur is the third most abundant mineral found in our body and is present in every cell with high concentration in hair, skin and nail. Onion, garlic and ginger also have anti-inflammatory properties that help to decrease inflammation, redness and swelling. These also cure dry and itchy scalp. Out of these three wonder roots, garlic is more potent, but has a strong smell therefore many prefer onions and then ginger for hair remedies.

Alopecia is curable, I have overcome it, fight it! Best Home Treatment Weight loss removal surgery Ingrown Hair. Homemade Cinnamon Treatment For Pimples. Dove Intense Repair Treatment Alyssa extreme weight loss skin removal surgery. Forest Essentials Night Treatment Cream. Onion Hair Treatment For Problematic Scalp and Hair.

How to Stop Hair Loss. Home Remedies For Hair Loss. Trichup Hair Fall Control Oil. Burberry Sport for Women. Ralph Lauren Romance for Women. Easy Grooming Tips For Women. Burberry Classic For Women Eau De Parfum Tagged as:. Anti hair loss treatment. Reply Reply Welcome to IMBB Punyakalpa, this post is going to help so many women who suffer from severe loss….

Hope this works for me. But since last month, im facing HEAVY hair fall which might have something to do with my new migraine medication. Thanks for this great weight loss removal surgery But I had an another question. And, if so, thencan you please give me an approx measurement? Reply Hi, I have bad hair fall n my scalp can be seen from the front…I have been using the onion juice for past 3 months very regularly.

But I can still see the scalp with no new hair wanted to know Reply I can still see the scalp with no new hair in that entire portion. So why why is it not working for me.? Before these 3 months I use to use the onion but not very regularly but now that I use it thrice a week I was expecting that poora baldness Chawla jayega but …am totally disappointed. I do oil my hair n then use this juice. Will these oniongarlic and ginger juice will affect hair colour?

Does it turn black to gary? Reply A very nice post. Jzt one quest Hw r v suppose to make juice of onion or ginger. Is it OK if I add water to make d paste. I may sound dumb but Plz plz help me. Reply I have severe hairfall from last years now my hairs r really thin buh der r no bald spots. I m thinking to try these remedies, do thy have any side effects? And applying garlic infused weight loss removal surgery will do same as applying garlic Alyssa extreme weight loss skin removal surgery Just wanted to confirm is it okay to have flaky scalp skin after this treatment, I have been using this treatment from last 2 weeks only.

I am been suffering from alopecia since July I have Lil bald patch in the front mid part of my hair n getting accesive hair fall! I have lower waist long hair n all of a sudden in jst a day I got this bald patch and I m just so scarred. From lst 5 months I tried some home remedies but nothing worked fr me n just few Alyssa extreme weight loss skin removal surgery consult a doctor n he has given me sum corticosteroids to apply n some tube.

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