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All posts must be specific to fitness and promote useful discussion. They lead to a corresponding spike in insulin, which makes adipose Lose belly fat fast reddit store fat. It will just make those muscles underneath your love handles bigger, resulting in a bigger gut area, so until you loose enough of that fat, take it easy. Filter posts by subject Remove the layer you just cut. WEEKLY THREADS open all week. Weight Lost per User. Lise with Me Thursday - make new friends! Last Weigh in: May

A place for people of all sizes to discuss healthy and sustainable methods of weight loss. Whether you need to lose 2 lbs or lbs, you are welcome here! The daily workout of weights and HIIT was taking a huge toll on me and there was still some belly fat sitting on my lower belly. To top it off the, the huge caloric deficits and lack of carbs Lose belly fat fast reddit making me downright cranky. After reading a lot of posts in the forums, I thought all I had to do to lose it was create a caloric deficit and keep the workouts intense.

After a month of going through the same thing over and over again, I took a step back and looked at what I was doing wrong. At this point, the hormones that help you lose weight will drop and the hormones that hinder fat loss starts working against you. Leptin controls a number of metabolic processes in your body that lead to fat Lose belly fat fast reddit. Having a caloric deficit for a few days will drop your leptin levels even lower and the bigger the deficit, the faster it drops.

When your leptin levels drop, those hormone levels drop. And the metabolic processes that lead to fat loss slows down. Insulin is a hormone that is produced in the pancreas. It plays a role in the uptake of the nutrients into the cells in your liver, muscles and fat. It slows down the rate of fat loss by slowing down the mobilization of the fatty acids after they are released from the fat cells.

What dictates how quickly fat is mobilized is a hormone called HSL hormone sensitive lipase. And Insulin is the main hormone that deactivates HSL. Ghrelin is also known as the hunger hormone. You can train your body to stop feeling hungry all the time. Having 5 meals a day trains your body to expect a meal every 2 hours! This is also the main reason why you have so many proponents of interminent fasting as a tool that you can use for weight loss.

Having fewer meals in a day trains your body not to secrete ghrelin. Just keep in mind that all you need to do is hit your target number of calories, macronutrients and fiber when you have your meals. Or you feel that having more meals just works better for you. Cortisol is also known as the stress hormone because it is activated when your body goes through emotional or physical stress. At that point, you can pretty Lose belly fat fast reddit guarantee that your cortisol levels will go through the roof.

And high levels Lose belly fat fast reddit cortisol are usually associated with belly-fat storage. It also plays a role in providing amino acids to the liver when protein levels are low. This makes cortisol a muscle-wasting hormone. If a little deficit is good for them, then having huge caloric deficits is going to get them rock hard abs right? Trust me on this: your body will fight like hell to keep those last few pounds of belly fat hanging around if you keep it up.

Some personal trainers refer to it as having a high g-flux. A high g-flux simply means eating more to fuel a training that has a higher work volume and intensity. One of the ways you can stop your plateau when trying to lose fat is to plan and execute your cheat meals or re-feeds. Write it down along with your workout schedule and meal plans. Figure out and list down how many calories it would take for you to be happy with your food.

This is the fun part of planning your meals! Now I know some people are probably asking themselves why. Why do you need to do this at all? That way, you know exactly where to go and make the most out of your trip. It helps you enjoy the experience of having that scoop of ice cream or that slice of cake without worrying about the horrors that it can do to your progress. I also kept my carbohydrates pretty low through cyclical carbohydrate fasting.

I usually skipped carbohydrates when having lunch simply because I wanted a lower carb intake for the day. Some people believe that consuming carbohydrates at night will hinder fat loss. It turns out that there is no shred of evidence that having carbs at night will hinder fat Medical weight loss in birmingham alabama. Our bodies are so much more complicated than that.

This leads us to… 4. Why Sleep Is So Important. Have you ever noticed what happens to you when you lack sleep?

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Lose belly fat fast reddit

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